Sectors we work with

Annabelle Charles Associates is a premier beauty recruitment company specialising in aesthetics and spa, beauty retail and head office, and cosmetic manufacturing. They connect top talent with clinics, wellness centres, retail brands, and cosmetic manufacturers, ensuring each sector thrives with skilled professionals.



Aesthetics & Spa

Enjoy our tailor-made recruitment services for the Aesthetics & Spa industry.

From serene spas to cutting-edge clinics and wellness centres, we understand the importance of curating teams that excel in delivering exceptional service. Our meticulous approach ensures that we handpick individuals who not only possess the technical expertise but also embody the essence of hospitality.

With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of industry needs, we strive to match qualified candidates with establishments that prioritise safe practice and client satisfaction.



Beauty Retail & Head Office

Discover our bespoke recruitment solutions tailored for Beauty Retail & Head Office.

From bustling flagship stores to dynamic corporate offices, we recognise the diverse skill sets required to drive success in this fast-paced sector. Our dedicated team of industry insiders is adept at identifying individuals who possess not only a passion for beauty but also a keen business acumen.

Whether it’s retail sales associates on the shop floor or strategic decision-makers within head office, we leverage our extensive network and expertise to connect top talent with forward-thinking beauty companies who are committed to shaping the future of beauty retail.



Cosmetics Manufacturing

Benefit from our specialised recruitment services for the Cosmetics Manufacturing industry.

From conception to completion, we understand the intricate processes involved in bringing beauty products to life. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we source candidates who not only possess technical proficiency but also demonstrate a commitment to quality and innovation. Whether it’s Formulation Chemists or Production Managers we leverage our industry knowledge and insights to match skilled professionals with leading manufacturers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of beauty.

We also source outstanding candidates for back-office roles such as Sales, Marketing, Finance and HR who add signigicant commercial value to the business.